Our Launch
Since its inception in 2008, the Luach Hatzibur serves
as the daily soundboard for the growing Orthodox
Jewish community.  As the first chanced-upon morning
leaflet by Orthodox men eager to catch up on daily
sales, classifieds updates, news, events, advertorials
and articles; our avid readership requested a CC - a
supplemental paper addressing the needs of Boro
Park’s women. Hence, The CC - Community Circular
launched in 2015 as the first women’s daily forum in
Boro Park. Within a few months, it became the most
sought-after circular in Boro Park, as well as the
prevalent daily email which women all over the tristate
area are attuned to for daily updates on sale events,
ads, classifieds, news, inspiration, recipes and our
popular C’mon Chat column.

Our Expansion
The Community Circular was first distributed to local
Boro Park groceries, public venues, communal
addresses and to over 100 apartment buildings. Due to
popular demand, the Community Circular is
conveniently accessible and can now be found at most
Boro Park street corners in our custom CC boxes.  Our
subscriber platform increases daily; with over 2,400
daily subscribers, the circular has attracted a diverse
audience beyond Boro Park’s environs.

Our Team
Our savvy sales representatives are adept to filling the
needs and concerns of the Boro Park community.  We
also ensure to keep the community apprised of all
community events and functions.
The daily news updates, inspirational and educational
content is compiled by a team of professional editors,
designers, writers, acclaimed recipe columnists and
managers to ensure the highest caliber of excellence. 
Our C’mon Chat forum gets meticulously moderated -
welcoming queries and inviting women to share their

Boro Park’s women are an elite conglomerate residing in one
community. To address the requisites of such a diverse
audience, The Community Circular’s goal is to provide up-to-
date information, the latest sales, events and classifieds
information; simcha announcements and tips and alerts that
continue to satiate our audience’s requests and unite them as
The “CC” - it’s one community, one circular!